Friday, August 17, 2007

Importance of 23 Things

Technology is changing the way libraries serve their customers. By providing a program such as 23 Things, library staff were introduced to the many different formats that our customers may inquire about. Web 2.0 provided lots of helpful resources and sites that will be beneficial to our customers.The learn-at-your-own pace structure worked for most staff, and a lot of teamwork with co-workers made it fun. Thanks again for the opportunity to learn!!!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Week 9 - Thing 23

What a "journey" we have taken this summer!!! I said in the beginning that I love to learn, and learn I did. I especially liked being able to learn at my own pace. My favorite exercises were creating the blog, learning about RSS feeds, podcasts, and of course YouTube. My technology vocabulary has vastly improved since I started the program. I enjoyed the format of the program ( weekly exercises) alhough I would suggest doing a similar project at a less hectic time for library staff. Although I completed the entire course, I'm not sure I did justice to all areas because of time contraints. And yes, I would definitely sign up for another course like this. Continual learning should be a part of everybody's life. Thanks for giving everyone the opportunity to complete this program!!

Week 9 - Thing 22

I am familiar with OverDrive since CCPL has it available for customers. While I often check out audio books to listen to while driving, I never thought to use ebooks. I was unaware that you could burn them to a CD, might be worth trying. I attented the presentation presented by Overdrive while at ALA in June. I created an account and have placed a book on hold. I will see how I like it.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Week 9 - Thing 21

I looked at some of the directories to find podcasts, espcecially the Merlin learning link, and added it to my bloglines account. It's interesting to see how libraries are using podcasts for things like booktalks, storytimes, and on their websites. The use of podcasts for training purposes with in libraries is a given. We have used them continually as we completed 23 Things.

Week 9 - Thing 20

I enjoyed looking around the YouTube site. I watched one that had a tour of the Seattle Public Library. Very interesting.Having gotten another chocolate lab for a Christmas present from my kids, I especially liked looking at all the different puppy videos. Hope you enjoy it also.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Week 8 - Thing 19

Exploring the "short list" of Web 2.0 winners was interesting. Some of the sites we have visited throughout "23 Things" were first place winners, such as Flickr and Rollyo. I intend to use to plan my next vacation.

Week 8 - Thing 18

I created an account in ZOHO Writer and and explored some of the other sites. I can see how these online productivity tools will be beneficial to many different segments of the population such as small businesses and college students.I'm trying to publish this to my blog. Let's hope this works!!!!